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Airports Inspection:

Papi & ILS Systems 

We provide inspection services for approach aids like PAPI, Approach lights,

ILS/VOR Radio aids for approach, and ALS lights. 

The solution is a drone with artificial intelligence that evaluates the angle and provides report

to airport maintenance technicians.

This is done by images recognition for PAPIS, and by Radio signal for ILS/VOR.

In both cases we use a tool that is able to generate a report identifying if the path is correct or not. In case of PAPI, an Artificial Intelligence application is able to determine when each light is changing the color. 

In case of ILS/VOR we establish a protocol to perform some flights on the runway to simulate a “mini” approach.

It permits the radio recognition, through a radio receiver. 

Both technologies were developed jointly with our spanish partner, following ICAO rules.

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