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The software automatically, continuously, and anonymously collects, indexes, and ranks Darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net data. The platform collects and stores data in real- time, Darknet sites that frequently change location and availability, can be queried in a safe and secure manner without having to access the Darknet itself. A variety of product solutions help you easily access the  database to make Darknet intelligence an integral part of your existing security architecture.

We offers services and solutions for companies

across all industry sectors including:

  • Public Safety (Police)

  • Government (Federal/State/Local)

  • Politics (Election Operations &  Candidates/Parties/Issues)

  • Commercial Energy

  • Banking Industry

  • Cybersecurity Services

  • Media/Entertainment/Journalism

  • Event Operations (Sports, Concerts, Trade Shows, etc.)

  • Security (Small Business/Corporate)

  • Professional Consulting/PR firms


  • Hacking Services & Forums

  • Counterfeiters

  • Cryptocurrency Services

  • Hosting & Email

  • Darknet Marketplaces

  • Hidden Wikipediaes

  • File Sharing

  • Identity Theft

  • Carding & Doxxing

  • Intellectual Property Theft

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