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Interior inspection :

Industrial inspection :

Fuel tanks, spaces with difficult access, tunnels, sewers, interior of ships, spaces with little light and without any possibility of communications, or without satellite reception : 

The interior of confined spaces or

areas in which the human is limited.

Don't take unnecessary risks and engage with physical inspection only when manual intervention is required.

Our drones, equipped with spotlights with high levels of illumination, transmit live images of the environment they are passing through. You can simultaneously analyze what the drone focuses on, even coordinate with our crews to see specific scenarios in more detail.


1/ Condition of the terminals of the thermal / electrical power plant transformers,connections and isolators ...

2/ Interior and exterior of biomass boilers, prevention of internal pipe breakage. 

3/ Thermographic inspection of solar farms, wind farms and power lines. Analysis of hot spots for the prevention and / or detection of breakdowns.

4/ Inspection of chimneys in factories, road traces, catenaries and railways.

5/ Interior of water tanks, state of the inside of the tank, both under water and between the water surface and the roof of the tank.

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