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Artificial Intelligence drones & cameras

Face Recognition & Plate Recognition​

Built in  Artificial Intelligence software and preloaded data base on each drone allows real-time processing on video stream and sends immediate alerts with highest accuracy results.

Maximum performance

The zoom is able to monitor and identify a car from 1,5Km, a car plate from 500m and recognizes a face from 250m.

Surveillance and Topographic Drones
To perform all kind of mission to control traffic, but also for surveillance within the suburbs and traffic accidents’ reporting.

IA with face & Plate recognition and mass counting

The algorithm is processed in the field (in the drone) and the camera operator gets all the information in a tablet in real time.

Video Streaming to a control center
All the images/videos are sent to a control center in real time.

Night and Thermal cameras
Different Payloads are exchangeable at one click to perform different missions with the same drone.

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