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ThermoPass +

  • Measures body temperature

  • Protective mask validation

  • Powerful device with 12 months warranty

  • The ultimate solution for your business, during the COVID-19 period and afterwards

  • Security and confidentially of the informations. 

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Infratec Camera

  • Contactless and planar temperature measurement  without external reference radiator

  • Large eld of view for rapid checking of large groups of people

  • Resolution also of smaller areas of the skin (angle of the eye) from a safe distance

  • Display and evaluation in real time

  • Reliable temperature measurements based on low noise infrared detectors and precision calibration

  • Alarming at surpassing temperature thresholds (fever)

  • Facial recognition

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Anti Drones System

Projets : Projets
  • Basic functions of the system

  • Passive detection, recognition and tracking of UAVs;

  • Adjustable zones with possibility to cover 360 degrees coverage.;

  • Automatic tracking of more than one object/target;

  • Automatic directional jamming;

  • Omni-directional jamming when presence of multiple targets;

  • Possibility for software programming of the jamming frequencies;

  • Jamming the standard radio frequencies as well as GPS, Glonas, Galileo, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc.;

  • Centralized management and control via proprietary software;

  • AI for precision detection and minimal possibility for false alarms;

  • Working at all-weather condition 24/7;

  • Custom-made for the specific needs of every individual client;

  • Easy integration of additional modules and components;

  • No interference with other systems for navigation, surveillance and control, etc.;

  • СЕ, ISO 9001/2008;

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