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Aircraft Maintenance


Among the proposed services our group offers:

1.    Assessment of the Civil Aviation/Airline Authority structure and procedures (documental / remote); including :
- MCAA structure’s / organization chart and description, including job description, number of employees per department, qualifications, functional responsibilities, etc;
- Applicable laws and regulations in place ;
- Approved Manuals and internal procedures .

2.    Auditing/ assessment in the field, the compliance with the existing procedures regulations, for all departments (local);
The audit assessment will cover the following areas:
-    primary aviation legislation and civil aviation regulations (LEG);
-    civil aviation organization (ORG);
-    personnel licensing and training (PEL);
-    aircraft operations (OPS);
-    airworthiness of aircraft (AIR);
-    aircraft accident and incident investigation (AIG);
-    air navigation services (ANS);
-    aerodromes and ground aids (AGA).

3.    After the assessment, present report with recommendations and action plan for change/improvement, from Authority structure to procedures and manuals (remote);

4.    Implementation of the action plan (local);

Final objective is to improve compliance with ICAO’s USOAP for the next audit.

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